Like smooth warm honey carefully poured over a solid tasty crispy waffle….and then put in a very hot oven! Smooth vocals, rhythmic guitar, a mixture of rock and jazz sounds, funky bass lines and manic drums. Lyrics drawn from life experiences so far. Plenty of heat, passion and attitude.

[Jump.Stone] noun. 1 Finding clarity in a fuzzy world. 2 A great band from Essex.

Video of JumpStone's debut single "Telling You" from their first EP. 
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Guitar and vocals
Bass and vocals
Just another rehearsal, lol
JumpStone are available for hire for anything from intimate "Live Lounge" type shows, pub gigs, private venues and festivals. For enquiries please use the form below or call the band management:

Richard 07870 258 128

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"These lads show a grounding of influences ranging from Motown Soul to Blues and Funk! One of the finest young bands we've had the pleasure to work with"
Barrington Mole. Head of A&R / Artist Development / Music Production
Sound-Hub Studios
"The surprise package turned out to be Southend-based band Jump Stone, who brought their mixture of funk and indie rock with smooth vocals on to the stage and very soon had the place rocking. The band showed experience way beyond their years, were great to listen to and quite a change to what had been on previously." Geoff Thompson -
It's the start of the journey for JumpStone,  formed in January 2016 all three already had expereince beyond their years.Harry and Harrison had been playing mainly covers in pubs, private parties and corporate gigs and when their drummer left to get a proper job a they found a new level of creativity and a desire to write their own songs.  A feverish writing and recording spell followed, the first video was made and the new band launched.  It's just the start..

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